St Cuthbert's Final Journey

Following 9th century monks as they flee from invading vikings with the body of St Cuthbert and the Lindisfarne Gospels – and undertake a momentous journey that helps shape England

The seas only gifts…

The seas only gifts are harsh blows and occasionally, the chance to feel strong. Now I don’t know much about the sea, but I do know that that’s the way it is here. And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong, to measure yourself at least once, to find yourself at least once in the most ancient conditions, facing the blind, deaf stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head – Primo Levi

Photography © Paul Alexander Knox

Photography © Paul Alexander Knox


2 comments on “The seas only gifts…

  1. paul houslay
    April 22, 2013

    The Sea has many gifts and can offer immense goodness in terms of many wonderful food chains and of course oxygen for life and also beauty in so many forms of colour, shape and force. But it can be strong and destructive too, but worth the price.
    I found a strength from the sea when caught in a rip tide,near Faro. It was a battle and an experience I nearly lost. I kept my head and my life. The sea let me go that time.

    • richardwhardwick2013
      April 25, 2013

      Beautifully written and powerful too Paul. Our thoughts go out to those who weren’t so lucky as you…..thank you

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